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🍼 Increase breastmilk supply naturally

🍼 Improves not just quantity, but quality - thicker, fattier, creamier breast milk

🍼 With excess milk supply, you have more time to spend with your baby than being stuck to the breastpump

🍼 Your baby gets to sleep with a full tummy and you get a good night's rest (A dream come true!)

🍼  Healthier snack to have on hand for throughout the day if you feel hungry due to breastfeeding

Real Reviews by Real People

    In the past, I do not really like lactation cookies as the cookies are usually the soft type and not to my liking. But the cookies from cookiedeal are super yummy. I have tried other favours but double chocolate is still my best option. My milk supply are good, but it seem watery when pumped out. After taking these cookies, I can see that my milk is more creamy.
    Effective at maintaining milk supply. And taste wise so great that I would buy more just for tea time snacks :) Have tried lactation bakes from many brands, and this is my favourite so far!
    It wasn't bitter like how other lactation brownies usually are. These are delicious! And my supply has increase!
    Illahdftr M.