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We asked mummies what they enjoy the most about Breastfeeding & here's what they said.

Sep 14,2022 | Cookiedealersg

It's been awhile since we've done a little Q&A with you mummies. Recently, we posted on our social media and asked our breastfeeding mummies 1 question. What is the one thing that keep them going; what is that one thing they enjoy about breastfeeding. Here's what they said.

I enjoy my breastfeeding journey because…

    1. “I am all my little one needs”

    2. “Despite it being difficult, seeing this lil boy’s milk coma face, it’s worth it”

    3.  “While the journey is tough, it’s worth it as I enjoy the bond with the kids and it makes going out easier, since the milk is always at the right temperature!”

    4. “It makes me feel closely connected and bonded with my baby”

    5. “Its the time for the both of us, just mama and baby”

    6. “Of her milk drunk face with a little milk dribbling the side of her mouth. But mostly I love that I don’t have to pay money for milk, it’s free! I just have to pay to keep eating to supply the milk”

  1. “My kids will always come back to me for comfort (i feel like I'm all they need) & I don't have to spend a single cent to buy formula”

  2. “I will always have that special alone time with my baby. It’s a gruelling journey but it is extremely worth it!!! (also, it gives me an excuse to snack on cookie dealer’s delicious and wholesome lactation treats every now and then). It’s also hassle free, can be done anytime and anywhere!! & its always at the right temperature too!!”

  3. “Of the special bonding created between both kiddos and me and I hope to provide as much nutrition to them as possible. My journey of breastfeeding is definitely not one of those smooth sailing ones. The daily power pumps to build up supply at the initial stage, soreness, struggling with the daily unearthly hours latching till weaning, dealing with leaking boobs, always a challenge to find time to pump at work and the list goes on but they are ones who keep me going! A shout out to all breastfeeding mummies!”

  4. “It is a strong bonding time for just the two of us since the day my girl was born. I am glad that we are still on our 35 months breastfeeding journey ”

  5. “Its our quiet time together, just us 2”

How about you? What is the moment you enjoy the most when it comes to breastfeeding?