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Breastfeeding Starter Kit

Flavour 1
Earl Grey Choc 1
Cranberry White Choc 1
Double Choc 1
Speculoos 1
Choc Chips 1
Lavender White Choc 1
Macadamia & Ruby Choc 1
Pistachio & Rose 1
Matcha White Choc 1
Flavour 2
Earl Grey Choc 2
Cranberry White Choc 2
Double Choc 2
Speculoos 2
Choc Chips 2
Lavender White Choc 2
Macadamia & Ruby Choc 2
Pistachio & Rose 2
Matcha White Choc 2
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Our Breastfeeding Starter Kit aims to help new mummies with their breastfeeding  journey. Includes: 2 bottles of Lactation Cookies (of your choice) + 1 Peach Blooms Lactation Tea.


Lactation Cookies

1 bottle contains 48 cookies (320g).

Consume 8-10 cookies per day to boost your breast milk supply. 

Peach Blooms Lactation tea

10 Teabags/tube

Make some time for yourself during this hectic period to relax and indulge yourself with a cup of comforting Peach Blooms Lactation Tea. Peach Blooms offers sweet fragrances of juicy fresh peach notes that are complemented by hints of fruity raspberry and hibiscus.

Our Peach Blooms Lactation Tea helps soothe your body as a new mummy + provides lactation support. What more can you ask for 🥰


Drink 1 tea bag per day in the mornings or during your afternoon snack together with our Lactation Cookies/Lactation Brownies


Step 1: Boil water

Step 2: Place a tea bag in your favourite cup

Step 3: Once water is boiled, pour 200ml over your tea bag

Step 4: Steep 3-5 minutes 

Step 5: Enjoy!


Benefits of Cookiedealersg's Lactation Cookies and Lactation Tea

🍼 Increase breastmilk supply

🍼  Healthy snack to have on hand as mummies are always feeling hungry due to breastfeeding

🍼 Improve the quality of breastmilk. Do you desire thicker, fatty and creamy milk for your baby?