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Lactation Cookies

While some mummies are lucky enough to produce plenty of milk for their babies, it’s totally normal for lots of women to experience problems with their supply. At Cookie Dealers, we understand the worry and the stress that this can cause, especially at such an overwhelming time for you and your baby. 

Our lactation cookies are lovingly baked by mummies, for mummies. Crunchy, bite-sized and totally delicious, they’re packed full of flavor so you can enjoy a tasty snack whenever you like. More importantly, they’re expertly infused with all-natural and intelligent galactagogues that provide the breastfeeding support you need. 

To get the most out of your lactation bakes, we recommend consuming a minimum of 8-10 cookies per day. You can increase the quantity according to your own requirements, depending on whether you would like to boost or maintain your milk production. Pair with a glass of warm milk or any other fluid for a refreshing, tasty snack. 

With our lactation cookies, we’re here to support you through every step of your breastfeeding journey.

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