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A Bundle of Joy
A Bundle of Joy
A Bundle of Joy
A Bundle of Joy
A Bundle of Joy
A Bundle of Joy
A Bundle of Joy
A Bundle of Joy
A Bundle of Joy
A Bundle of Joy
A Bundle of Joy
A Bundle of Joy
A Bundle of Joy
A Bundle of Joy
A Bundle of Joy

A Bundle of Joy

Cookie Flavour
Earl Grey Choc
Cranberry White Choc
Double Choc
Choc Chips
Lavender White Choc
Macadamia & Ruby Choc
Pistachio & Rose
Hazelnut Choc
Nursing Cover
Eva Nursing Cover
Sofia Nursing Cover
Flora Nursing Cover
Belle Nursing Cover
Gemma Nursing Cover
Pineapple Nursing Cover
Coral Nursing Cover
Sky Blue Nursing Cover
Black Nursing Cover
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Searching for the perfect gift for a new mummy? Look no further than our beautiful gift hampers, packed with some of our most precious breastfeeding essentials.

New mums are often overwhelmed with baby supplies and clothing, so this unique selection of goodies is an ideal treat to boost a new parent’s spirits. The beautifully wrapped hamper includes one of our beloved nursing covers, a bottle of lactation cookies to enhance breast milk production, and a bouquet of burp cloths – all tied up with a ribbon. 

Redefining mum and baby hampers. We pride ourselves in curating a whole new era of mum and baby hampers. Forget the traditional hampers. Here at Cookie Dealer, we offer a wide variety of gifts for new mums you can get. 

Do you have a friend, sister or partner who had just given birth and you will like to be supportive of their breastfeeding journey? At a lost on how can you show you encouragement and support? Look no further! We have the perfect gift set and bundles curated for each and every one right here.

These mummies will be wow-ed when they receive these gift sets and they will definitely feel your heart-felt encouragement. It is never easy having a new responsibility of caring for a new born, especially so when you have to recover and breastfeed at the same time. These Lactation Cookies will help with mummies' breastmilk supply and journey with them through their breastfeeding journey.

The bundle includes:

1 x Nursing cover 

1 x Bottle of lactation cookies (320g)

1 x Bouquet of 5 random burp cloths 

1 x Gift box with ribbon

Product Information


Our lactation cookies are designed with new mummies in mind. Packed full of flavour and natural galactagogues, these delicious bite-sized chunks are more than just a tasty afternoon snack. They’re baked to perfection and offer a much-needed boost to breast milk supply, encouraging more effective and high-quality production.

1 bottle contains 48 cookies (320g).

Recommended consumption: 8-10 cookies per day.

Nursing Cover

Each of our hampers includes one of our elegant, versatile and ultrasoft nursing covers, created to give new mummies complete privacy and security. Ideal for feeding on the go, they’re made using a stretchy Rayon-blend and provide modesty in public spaces.

Material: Rayon-blend

Measurements: 69*70*29