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4 Factors that can Reduce Breast Milk Supply - & how to replenish it!

May 17,2023 | Cookiedealersg

Breastmilk is a miraculous substance that has been nourishing infants for centuries, providing them with the perfect blend of nutrients, antibodies, and growth factors to support their development and protect their health. With such advantages of breastmilk, it is no wonder every mom wants to have sufficient (or more) for their precious one.

The amount of breast milk a woman produces depends on a variety of factors. Some are not within control, but some can be managed with extra planning and support from friends and family.

Here, we talk about 4 factors that can reduce breastmilk supply. And how you can replenish it!

1) Feeling Stress or Anxious

Between lack of sleep and adjusting to the baby's schedule, rising levels of certain hormones such as cortisol can dramatically reduce your milk supply

2) Supplementing with formula

Supplementing wth formula for multiple feedings everyday or releasing breastmilk only when the baby wants to nurse tells your boy that it doesn't need to produce as much milk. Consequently, your supply will begin to decrease

3) Not eating or drinking enough

Make sure to eat enough to replenish the 500 calories breastfeeding burns each day. Adequate hydration is also important for breastmilk production. The amount of liquid you put into your body affects how muc breast milk you can produce.

4) Getting sick

Just catching a virus or bug such as the flu, cold or a stomach virus won't decrease your milk supply. However, related symptoms such as fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting or decreased appetite definitely can.

What you can do to combat this.

1) Pump a little extra

2) Power Pumping

3) Comsume Milk Boosters

4) Self Care

5) Get Enough Rest