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Babyfeeds - the first freeze dry breastmilk service in the ENTIRE ASIA

May 25,2023 | Cookiedealersg

BabyFeeds was started in an effort to help mothers store breast milk effectively while maintaining the nutritional value of breastmilk for longer periods of time. Preserving the helpful bacteria found in breast milk, which are essential for a baby's digestive health. 

BabyFeeds uses a process called freeze-drying to convert frozen breast milk into powder.

The freeze-drying process uses a simple principle called sublimation - where solid (ice) transitions directly into a gas (water vapour). This is how water is removed from the frozen breast milk while preserving the structure of molecules in the milk - impacting the taste and nutritional quality of the milk.

We will go through in greater detail about the process of freeze-drying below. Do note that this process is very different from “dehydrating” - where high temperatures are used to remove water and would damage the nutritional properties of the milk.

By freeze-drying breast milk, we would have a fine breast milk power with all the components of the breast milk, just without water.


​The basic steps of the process are:

  1. FREEZE: The breast milk that you provide is frozen below 40 degrees celsius
  2. VACUUM: The freeze-drying chamber then undergoes a deep vacuum.
  3. DRY: A small amount of heat is added, and with the low pressure, the ice turns directly into water vapor and is removed from the frozen milk. 
  4. SEAL: The powder is then sealed in a high barrier bag, protecting it from moisture, oxygen, UV, and contamination.


Currently, most mothers preserve breast milk by freezing it, investing in chest freezers that take up valuable real estate. Moreover, freezers are susceptible to power outages and natural disasters. Freezing is also not a perfect solution for preserving breast milk since even at low temperatures food quality deterioration may still occur.

Freeze-drying is a better long-term storage solution because

(1) the process removes the ice crystals gently without thawing

(2) in the absence of water, the enzymes and degradation components present in breast milk are inactive.

Hence, freeze-dried breast milk powder can be stored for longer as compared to freezer stored breast milk. 

Breast milk is a living food, there are living cells in your milk!

​Cells in the breast milk may rupture due to the formation of ice which releases chemically reactive components. Even when the milk is frozen, the nutrients in the milk may be broken down by the chemically reactive components and enzymes over time. Health benefits of the milk can also decrease due to the nutritional losses that occur during thawing.

To solve the above issues, freeze-drying can be implemented. Freeze-drying keeps the cells from rupturing (by sublimation of the ice crystals into water vapour), and also the chemically reactive components that cause nutrient degradation are inactivated by freeze-drying. Apart from the nutritional value, freeze-drying prevents the “freezer-taste” - a change in the taste of the food after freezer storage. 

Fun Fact

​Lipases are enzymes found naturally in breast milk. These enzymes help to break down fats which aids in the digestion of babies. During freezer storage, lipase can still be active, breaking down fats, causing a funny smell and/or taste to the milk. However, when water is removed from the milk through the freeze-drying process, the lipase enzyme stops working until water is added back in.

Benefits of Freeze-dried Breastmilk

1) No Need For Large Fridge Space

After Freeze-drying the breastmilk,it will require no refrigeration or freezer storage.

2) Dairy Free

It is your own milk! So it's dairy free!

3) Longer Shelf-life

Breast milk powder (vacuum sealed in high barrier mylar bags) is shelf-stable for more than 2 years.

4) Reduce Lipase Activity

Lipase activity in breastmilk happens during freezer storage and causes bad tastes - resulting in babies rejecting the breast milk and hence wastage. Freeze-drying prevents this from happening.

5) Nutrition Retention

To better preserve the nutritional, immunological, and probiotic components of breast milk - freeze drying can be used. To give your babies a nutritional boost, you can simply rehydrate the breast milk powder into milk again or add the breast milk powder to solid foods.

6) Transportation

Other than being TSA-safe, freeze-dried breast milk makes it easy and convenient to travel and prepare. For mothers who are working cross borders, breastmilk powder is easy to be sent back home to the baby as compared to frozen breastmilk.

7) Fortification

To increase the caloric content of the expressed breastmilk fed to the baby, the freeze-dried breast milk powder can be added to it.

8) Convenience

In preparation for transitioning back to the workplace, It is a great way to stockpile breast milk by freeze-drying it as you pump. It is also easy for caretakers to use breast milk powder when mom is away.

9) Protection

During a power outage or natural disaster, breast milk stored in the freezer would spoil and be wasted. We protect and prevent that by freeze-drying the breastmilk. 

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