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The Golden Hour in Breastfeeding

Aug 15,2023 | Cookiedealersg

What is: The Golden Hour?

The golden hour in breastfeeding, often referred to as the "magic hour," is a pivotal time immediately following childbirth. It offers a unique opportunity for new mothers and their babies to establish a strong bond while kickstarting the breastfeeding journey. In this guide, we delve into the significance of the golden hour, its benefits, and provide actionable tips to make the most out of this special time.

The first hour after birth is when a baby is most alert and receptive to breastfeeding. During this time, both mother and baby experience a surge in hormones that promote bonding and encourage successful breastfeeding. 

Mother have uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact with her newborn during this period of time. It is critical for a newborn baby who spent the past nine months in a controlled environment. As long as mom and baby are well, immediate and continuous skin-to-skin contact is recommended.

Benefis of skin-toskin & breastfeeding during The Golden Hour.

1. Bonding: Skin-to-skin contact during the golden hour releases oxytocin, the "love hormone," fostering a deep emotional connection between mother and baby. 
2. Colostrum Transfer: Colostrum, the first milk, is rich in nutrients and antibodies. The baby's ability to suckle during the golden hour facilitates optimal colostrum intake, boosting the infant's immune system.
3. Milk Production: Research shows that babies who have the benefit of skin-to-skin time actually breastfeed better and longer after the infant naturally latches on to the mother's nipples on their own. Effective breastfeeding during this period stimulates milk production and establishes a strong milk supply. 
4. Regulation of Baby's Vital Signs: Skin-to-skin contact helps regulate the baby's body temperature, heart rate, and breathing. helps control their respiration and lower the risk of low blood sugar.
5. Mom's Wellness: Breastfeeding early on can also speed up the delivery of the placenta, reducing the risk of postpartum hemorrhage (PPH).

Early breastfeeding has long-term benefits to mother and child. Never underestimate the power of skin-to-skin contact with baby outside the delivery room, even after the initial golden hour.

Editor's Note: You can get your husband to do some skin-to-skin time with your newborn too! (Just make sure he waits until you're done with your time with baby)

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